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A Conversation with Jaye de Black

So there’s this wonderous place on YouTube where a growing number of black men are taking to the pulpit as it were to talk about issues in the black community, politics, and women in general. In the past couple of months, if you’re familar with the underside of YouTube, you’ve probably heard their names whispered: Jaye de Black, Kid Organic, Tommy Sotomayor.

These men’s views are controversial and well thought out, even if they hurt the hell out of whoever they address. In this interview with Jaye de Black, I take a moment (actually a couple of months) to learn and understand what black men’s gripes are about the world and the women around them.

Jaye is a YouTuber with his own website and the enemy of millions on that infamous ‘List’ of YouTubers who’s commentary either focuses on black women or the black community. Here he is in his own words.

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All Doll’d Up: A Conversation with Hayden William

I still can’t believe the following artist actually replied me. I’ve been a fan of his work since I was in high school looking for inspiration for my art fashion project. Since 2012, Hayden Williams just keeps going up.


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Ghanaian Black Girl Speaks On Shea Moisture Ad Controversial Origins.

The posts I write when I’m off duty.

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3058637-poster-p-1-sheamoisture-bringsThis Post Is From Guest Blogger: Nicole Ntim-Addae

This week, Shea Moisture, a company started by  Nyema Tubman and Richelieu Dennis, two Liberians almost 25 years ago, expanded their black niche company to compete with larger name brands such as Pantene by featuring non-black women in their adverts. Black women, like with everything major and minor, jumped down the creators of Shea’s throat.

On one hand, I totally understand why black women feel like they’ve been betrayed by Shea. We have a thought process that thinking that if we build something up, it will stay with us because of loyalty.

Black men become successful? They must have had the backing of the black community, and thus must stay with us. Never mind how hard it was starting them up, with our abyssal high school graduation rates, broken families, and child abuse at home. He can learn to love us through…

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Orks and Dorks: A Conversation with Daniel Monroe

Do you ever get tired of reading comics about the stereotypical super-body? Do you ever want a superheroine with more heart than bust? Say no more, Daniel Monroe is here for you. Like Dylan Durmeier, Mr. Monroe is a fan of unlikely heroes. In this interview, we talk with Daniel on his two comics, Ye Gawds and ORKGirl.
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Going Barefaced with Dominic Beyeler

In my first couple of months slumming through Tumblr, and finding several gems, I found this lovely artist’s portraits of portraits in the middle of his Kickstarter. Each portrait is unique, and I wanted to know what inspires his drawings, thus, another interview!

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Scribbling Along with CFBT: A Conversation with Raven White

I sit down and chat with the Care-free Queen herself, Raven White.

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Pork Ribs: Interview with Dylan Durmeier

During last Holiday season I stopped by the magical land of pork and pyre, but not to eat of course! Lucy is a webcomic by Dylan Durmeier and her adventures as the ultimate mercenary bounty hunter. There’re pigs, there’re goblins, and if you look hard enough, a couple of humans too!

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With a wave of his Hair: Interview with Jeremy Kaye

Jeremy Kaye’s just finishing up his Kickstarter for his first book of Up and Out. Between is very (very) busy schedule, he chatted with me over Cookie-Os, curly hair, and of course, his awesome humor. 

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Everything’s Okay: Interview with Dave Mercier

Dave Mercier is the creator of MercWorks, a popular funny gag comic that revolves around a “Dave” character and his friends, and of course, all the trappings that make humans, well human. Dave spills his secrets to success and his kick-starter to his third volume, The Cure of the Human Condition.

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