In this interview with Jenna Woldenga, author of Electric Bunny Comics, Gossamer Rainbow goes where the wild bunnies are.

Nicole Ntim-Addae: Why Dingo?

Dingo: It was a nickname one of my college friends gave me due to my last name “Woldenga”. My friend was also named Jenna so we didn’t want to confuse anyone. So we gave each other nicknames.

NN:  Did you meet her at the art college you now attend? How do you think attending art school has helped (or hindered) you artistically? 13017549107636899243

D: No, I met her during my first college I attended 2012-2013. It was a 10 month program that was just teaching basic art skills.

I feel that I have become a better artist taking these art colleges. My first college experience was actually a huge turning point for EBComics. It was the first time ever that someone told me that my comics were great and that I could actually live off of them! However, during this year at another art college, I feel that it has hindered me more than helped me artistically…or more like creatively. Since I’ve started this art college in 2014 it has been tough keeping up with EBComics…The school requires so much from me so I’m using up all my creativity at school.

I would recommend for sure. However be cautious of schools that just want your money. Art schools are expensive and some are just ridiculously expensive…You’re an art student. Making money isn’t as easy as being a doctor. So make sure it’s a school you really want to go to.

NN: Even with your Patreon I’m sure tuition is crazy. How did you find Patreon and how do you think it helps you keep up with EBComics?

D: Yes tuition is quite a problem! Well, I think I remember finding Patreon while reading the comic “Loading Artist”. He started one so I researched and started to think seriously about it. I believe that Patreon is a big help keeping up with EBComics. It helps motivate me to keep doing it. Not because of the money, but simply because there are people who WANT to pay me and that’s a huge motivation. I don’t want to disappoint them…

NN: Speaking of your audience, I started reading EBComics via a really cartoony “NSFW” advert on Not a Villain. What inspired that advert and EBC’s name?     Random

I came up with Electric Bunny Comics just…randomly. However, I always loved rabbits. My mother is a rabbit breeder so bunnies have always been in my life. As for the electric part…I’m not sure where that came from haha!

Oh yes, I remember that advert! The reason I did that was because I thought “sex sells” and that I wanted to be hilarious at the same time!

NN: It was, as are most of your comics. How did you develop your humor?

D: I have developed my humor over many years by hanging out with my guy friends. I really only had male friends growing up and their humor was vulgar, violent and stupid. Just the way I like it. Also reading comics like “Cyanide and Happiness”, “JSPowerhour”, and “Extrafabulous Comics” has helped.

NN: Felix is your partner in crime and boyfriend, correct? How important or unimportant is he in your comics? How do you handle your long distance relationship?

D: Yup! Almost four years.

I’d say Felix is a big part of my comic. I have to get my comics checked every time by him before I put it out there. He looks out for my not so great spelling. I’m all crazy and ridiculous and he is the straight man that balances it all out. Felix and I handle the long distance relationship well. It’s a lot of Skype and texting. I do see him every 3 months for 2 weeks though. Of course we miss each other all the time, be well be stronger in the end. We’ve done long distance before. It was only for 6 months it was tough but we got threw it.


NN: Four years? That’s amazing. No wonder he’s in so many of your comics. Why do you use your life as a source of humor, besides the fact that it’s really funny?

D: Well I use my life simply because I connect better to it. It’s so much easier and faster to make a comic when I’ve experienced the joke first hand.

NN: How will you lead EBC to world domination?


D: With lots of boobs butts and violence. I will create an army that will love my stuff so much that they will follow me into war! My Electric Bunny Nation! Mwah hahah!

NN: Last question, which question did you want me to ask you?

D: So…what kind of webcomic do you want to make?

Well, I want to keep doing what I am doing but I want to raise the bar for funny, I always what to improve my humor. As soon as I’m done with school I want to dedicate my life to ebc. Funnier content, books, conventions, contests and anything that pops in my head! I really want to make other webcomics on the side as well.

NN: Thank you so much Dingo for sending time with Gossamer Rainbow! I wish you all the best with EBC and beyond!

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